Welcome To Pet Care Service


Pet care service can offer you and your dog a service like no other. I have been trained in dog grooming by Julie Lalou and her team who is the proprietor of Dogs Delight in Chiswick,and who has won many competitions such as the English dog groomer of the year. I gained my City & Guilds certificate with 2 distinctions and 3 merrits so am a very confident stylist.I have a mobile van to which a salon has been built inside and only ask for a power point to allow power to my dryer. My van has been adapted using the best possible equipment.

Based on the south coast between Bournemouth and Southampton and being mobile allows me to travel to most locations to help meet your requirements.

Pet care service provide a convenient,hygienic,high quality service for you and you dog. I have an excellent understanding of breed profiles but you will have the final say to how your dog is to be groomed.


Although all dogs have their own style according to their breed, not all dogs will be cut to that. I will ask on meeting you if their are any preferences you have to styling your dog and will meet your needs so you are satisfied with what you want to achieve for your dog, I can advise  but you as the owner know what you want your dog to look like.

On meeting your dog for the first time I will make extra time for them so that they will become comfortable within their new grooming environment. Your dog will be less stressed as they will only have one to one care and will not be competing for order with other dogs which can happen in static salons. Throughout the groom I will complete a 10 point health check and give you feedback if  anything that needs attention is found.

You are more than welcome to join your dog throughout the groom as you have a right to see what is happening and to see just what a thorough groom your dog will receive

I can cater for all types of situations for your dog to ensure the best possible service





  • The highest standard of work.
  • A good knowledge of breed styles.
  • An expert understanding of behaviour and health issues.
  • A relaxed and friendly atmosphere for your pet.



If you need any more information please contact me